Shipping & processing

Shipping and processing are two different things. Shipping is the time frame from which your items have been shipped from the warehouse to your door step. Processing is the time frame in which we are getting your order prepared for shipment NOTE: Processing time is 2-7 days depending on high demand in orders NOTE: shipping time is 3-5 business days IMPORTANT: We encourage that you order your hair 2weeks in advance of your scheduled appointment

YHF Virgin hair facts

Our company We currently sell virgin hair ONLY. Our virgin hair has not been Chemically processed. Cuticles are left exactly the way it was when it was donated. Because virgin come from different donors not every one bundle is the same. We try to match all bundles as close as possible


Our virgin hair as of most women around the world only come in natural colors such as 1b 2 3 & some 4 If other color is needed we provide custom color orders for a additional fee of $20 per bundle NOTE: more than 2 colors is an additional $20 per 2 colors Or see a PROFESSIONAL COLORIST. IMPORTANT: We are NOT responsible if texture changes due to OVER-PROCESSING because to lifting or coloring improperly and will NOT refund nor exchange hair


We provide all wave patterns such as straight body wave natural wave wavy curly tight curly deep wave IMPORTANT: wave patterns such as curly tight curly & deep wave requires SPECIAL hair care and need more maintainence than others (see virgin hair care for further tips)

YHF Virgin Hair Care

With virgin hair you must treat hair like it is your own because hair was once someone eles hair Must co-wash (washing hair with only conditioner) at LEAST once a week. Failing to do so may cause product build up will cause hair to weigh down & may cause tangling When brushing start from bottom then work your way up Use wig brush or detangling brush When in heat humidity hair may get dry deep condition (let conditioner sit for 15min under cap) When co-washing detangle hair before applying water or products


Use heat protectant when flat ironing (if not it will cause heat damage on hair) When taking care of curly or deepwave hair use spray bottle & leave in conditioner to redefine the curls when necessary. NOTE: wave patterns are tighter and are grouped together please try not to brush hair if not cowashing or detangling Use your favorite light oil such as argan oil Moroccan oil etc when hair is air drying or for more shine (DO NOT use oil sheen will weigh down hair & cause product build up) When product build up occurs(using spritz hair spray etc) use shampoo then condition